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We constantly have research associate (postdoc), Ph.D. student, and technician positions for outstanding applicants. When applying or inquiring, please attach a copy of your CV, pdf files of your publications or powerpoint files that present your research progress, and any other material that helps us to evaluate your fit. For undergraduates, the CV should contain your GPA or ranking. 

Our postdoc openings are in the areas of signaling, metabolism, cell biology, and functional genomics:

  1. Chloroplast energy status signaling. Excessive energy in the chloroplast is dangerous as it can lead to generation of reactive oxygen species. We hope to understand any feedback mechanism used by the chloroplast to regulate its energy production. For this project, candidates with research experience in protein-protein interactions or signaling pathway studies are strongly encouraged to apply. 

  2. Chloroplast metabolite transport or metabolic engineering. Besides photosynthesis, many important anabolic reactions occur in the chloroplast, including synthesis of precursors of acyl-lipids and terpenoids. We hope to identify mechanisms for transport of key metabolites between the chloroplast and the cytosol and test their utilities in metabolic re-routing. For this project, candidates with expertise in metabolomics or terpenoid metabolic engineering are strongly encouraged to apply.

  3. Compartmentation of metabolic pathways in marine algae. Marine eukaryotic algae (mostly heterokonts) contribute ~25% of global carbon fixation. Different from terrestrial plants that harbor two-membraned chloroplasts, heterokonts typically have a chloroplast surrounded by four membranes, with the outermost one contiguous with the endoplasmic reticulum. We hope to elucidate how this difference impacts distribution and regulation of metabolic pathways. For this project, candidates with expertise in organelle isolation, proteomics, or fluorescence microscopy are strongly encouraged to apply.  

  4. Functional genomics in marine algae. Few molecular studies have been performed in marine eukaryotic algae. We aim to develop transformative tools to enable rapid characterization of gene functions these organisms. We hope that our research can provide molecular explanations for macroscale events in ecology and evolution. For this project, candidates with expertise in genome editing, bioinformatics, or environmental genomics are strongly encouraged to apply.  

These positions provide excellent training opportunities in chloroplast metabolism research, high-throughput genetics, and application of lab robotics. In addition, the incumbents will gain rich experience in management of large-scale projects.  

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