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Tingting You

B.S. Beijing Normal University, 2018
Ph.D. Student

I did my undergraduate studies at Beijing Normal University majoring in Life Science, during which I developed a fascination for science. I joined the Li Lab as a Ph.D. student Westlake University in summer 2018 

My project is mainly about export of fatty acids from the plastid and I will primarily use Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as the model system. Freshly out of college, I know that there is a lot to learn. But I am prepared to solve the everlasting challenges during Ph.D. I hope my research reveal key missing links in plant fatty acid metabolism, and I also wish that I can bring happiness to people around me.  

After work, I enjoy jogging, hanging out with friends, chatting, and watching various kinds of movies. I love the Westlake University, not only because it is close to my hometown, but also because it is young and vibrant, and people here are smart, aspiring, and humble.