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Yulong Wang

M.S. Henan Agricultural University, 2018.

Ph.D. Student

During my MSc, I mainly characterized the role of microRNAs in anthocyanin biosynthesis in A. thaliana. Through three years’ study, I graduated in the College of Life Sciences at Henan Agriculture University and received my master’s degree in 2018. Now, I join in the Li lab for Ph.D. research at the Westlake Institute for Advanced Study, Westlake University. Here, I will devote my attention to plastid retrograde signaling in the model green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. It is intriguing that light can not only provide energy for algal growth, but also act as regulatory signals; in addition, excess light energy is known to lead to oxidative damages in the chloroplast. We and others speculate that excess chloroplast energy can activate metabolic responses to protect cells from oxidative stress.  

Other than my enthusiasm in scientific research, I also enjoy my life and like making friends. My motto: I care not whether the road ahead is smooth or bumpy; insomuch that I love my life, everything will go as expected ---Loving life by Wang Guozhen.